About Us

About Our Company

Freedom Data Systems continues to build an integrated approach to retail pharmacy automation. Through innovative system development and a commitment to building strategic business partnerships, we provide value-added benefits to our customers that set us apart in the industry.

A Proven Visionary

From its inception in 1978, Freedom Data's vision was to pioneer system development to be at the forefront of the retail pharmacy industry. Our initial product, the Freedom Pharmacy System, was one of the first software packages that addressed the needs of the independent retail pharmacist. Long before it became apparent that managed care and large chain operations would take their toll on pharmacy profits, Freedom Data was developing a point-of-sale system that would help retailers reap higher profits from the front store. We were instrumental in developing the ANSI X12 format for wholesaler interfaces and the first to develop an electronic interface to Promotions Unlimited. From the start, we have been visionary in our approach to product and business development.

The Integrated Retail Information System Concept

The key to the independent pharmacist's profitability is information management. Data collection in the POS and Rx system is just the beginning. Information management includes using whatever data you collect from register transactions, prescriptions filled, employee productivity statistics, orders processed and more to help you make better business decisions. It also means constantly fine tuning how you manage order processing, inventory, promotions, cognitive services, accounting, prescription filling, and market analysis.

Changes in the Company

In April 1999, National Health Systems purchased Freedom Data Systems. The goal was to provide a Point-of-Sale solution for PDX and pc I's extensive list of pharmacy customers. Since that time we have partnered with AmerisourceBergen, in conjunction with PDX, to bring a POS solution to their Good Neighbor Pharmacy stores to allow them to better compete in the marketplace. We continue to work with them today on their Systems RX program. Our POS system, along with PDX and now EPS have been the common platform for the Medicap, and now Medicine Shoppe International chain since 2006. Freedom Data continues to work with existing business associates, including, DP Hamacher, Promotions Unlimited, various credit card gateways and processors as well as all pharmacy wholesalers.


Introduced in 1988, PRO/POS, Freedom Data's POS system, has become a valuable tool to the retail pharmacist who competes in a market shadowed by large chain-store operations. PRO/POS works in real time to simplify management functions, sales transactions, data collection and analysis, inventory control, ordering and recieving, and A/R functions and customer loyalty programs. This is one of the few systems developed from the ground up just for pharmacists. Our POS system helps pharmacists to be successful retailers by providing them with the information they need to make better business decisions.

Training and Support Services

From the initial store evaluation, to installation and training, to periodic regional and national user conferences, to on-going system support, Freedom Data has demonstrated a committment to its customers to provide realistic solutions to their automation needs. We understand our obligation to provide quality support and have devoted considerable resources improving and maintaining a high caliber support staff that has access to the most up-to-date tools. Freedom Data's training and support center is located in Fort Worth, Texas. Training is done in a classroom setting with an emphasis on "hands on" operation of the system.