If you are losing business to your competitors because you can’t accept flex cards or you think a POS system would be too expensive for your pharmacy operation, Freedom Data Systems has the solution.

We are proud to announce PRO/POS LITE. This LITE version of our industry-leading PRO/POS System includes the POS functionality needed for smaller pharmacy installations at a fraction of the cost.

With PRO/POS LITE you can

  • process flex cards
  • track PSE products and deliveries
  • capture signatures electronically
  • receive updates to comply with new government regulations

PRO/POS LITE is so easy to use right out-of-the-box that minimal installation is  required, saving time and money.

PRO/POS LITE grows with your business. When the time comes for a more robust full featured POS System, you can easily upgrade to the full PRO/POS System for a minimum license fee and no additional equipment costs.

Keep your pharmacy competitive with PRO/POS LITE from Freedom Data. It’s everything you need to meet today’s POS demands.

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