PRO/POS System

Experience working for you:

  • Real-time integration to leading pharmacy systems
  • IIAS- and PA-DSS compliant
  • Scan prescriptions at the register and print Rx activity report
  • Price by product group or item
  • Hamacher, or wholesaler zone prices
  • Cost by group or item
  • Mark down by group or item
  • Calculate prices using item cost X12 electronic interfaces to most wholesalers
  • Proprietary interfaces for non X12 wholesalers
  • Import and export data to other applications
  • Wireless register lanes
  • Thermal receipt printing
  • Frequent shopper program
  • Accounts recievable with item detail statements
  • Promotions Unlimited interface
  • Regis physical inventory interface
  • Electronic journal of all receipt information
  • Print shelf tags and item stickers
  • Handheld interfaces for most wholesalers
  • Internet credit/debit card processing with gift card program
  • Signature capture for third parties, HIPAA requirements, credit cards and A/R
  • Central-Site (host) system with central A/R for chain applications

Freedom POS offers a full Rx interface with PDX, EPS, RX-30, HBS, Keycentrix and QS/1 allowing for prescription scanning and reporting. Other Rx system bar codes can be formatted to scan at our registers, helping to eliminate human error and provide tracking.

The Pharmacy POS Specialist Freedom Data

When you compare the cost of POS vendor's systems, realize that over the life of an average POS system, the initial hardware and software costs will pale in comparison to what your ongoing labor costs might be. That's what the Freedom Data experience tells us. Most of the ongoing labor costs involve daily database maintenance. This is a hidden cost that you need not incur. To ensure that implementation of our system will be a postive experience, we make sure that your ongoing labor costs are kept to a bare minimum.

Our Experience Shows

Freedom's experience in understanding problems that a pharmacist can encounter when trying to manage a store front is an area where we excel.

Our installers are trained to contact store personnel from the time of purchase right up to the installation to ensure that the installation will go smoothly. By using the Internet and outside vendors, it is possible to have your entire front end scanned and added to your database prior to going live, giving you a 98% to 100% scan rate the first day.

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