PRO Shop Frequent Shopper Program

Sharpen your competitive edge with the PRO/Shop frequent shopper program.

There is no question that profit margins in the pharmacy are shrinking rapidly. Not only do you lose prescription drug profits because of changes in the health care industry, you also lose to other retail outlets that have sprung up over the past two decades. In addition, you must compete overall with large chains and mass merchandisers that have vast experience promoting their OTC products and attracting customers.

But you can be competitive by offering your customers better service. That means knowing what they want and providing it.

PRO/Shop Helps Make It Happen

Freedom Date Systems recognizes that the changing retail environment forces independent pharmacy owners to re-evaluate the front end of their stores. Our powerful point-of-sale system helps you achieve maximum profits from your OTC sales. To further enhance our POS capabilities, the PRO/Shop module offers the following features:

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