Command POSt Central Site System

Command POSt software allows you to control multiple locations at one Central Site. Sometimes referred to as a Host system, Central Site allows you to transfer, collect and control data from multiple locations as well as providing tools to store and analyze data.  The software include the following components;

  • Database and Event maintenance allows maximum control and eliminates duplications of maintenance tasks across the chain.
  • Ability to gather and analyze data across your chain.
  • Central A/R module allows for charge accounts chain wide with central billing
  •  PRO/Shop loyalty program chain wide
  •  Sub-Chain Host module for Franchise type operation.
  • Warehouse to store, store to store transfers

Features at a glance

Allows Central Site administrator to determine which functions are Host or Store controlled.

All store Electronic Journal, item data and Third Party Signatures can be transmitted to Central Site effectively creating an offsite backup of any store's data and making that data available at any time from the Central Site system.

Real time communications combined with nightly batch communications ensures that current data is available at both the store and Central Site levels.

Database maintenance, pricing and promotional events can be controlled at Central Site and transmitted throughout your chain. This reduces mistakes and eliminates the need for a database administrator at each store, adding up to significant labor savings.

With Central A/R, statements are processed at Central Site. Your customers will receive one statement regardless of the number of stores they shopped at during the billing cycle. With real time A/R communications, all charges, payments and adjustments are transmitted throughout your chain in a matter of minutes.

Real Time item movement allows changes to your database to be transmitted throughout your chain immediately.

Warehouse module with transfer in/out functionality is available.

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