PRO/POS Accounts Receivable

The PRO/POS Accounts Receivable module allows you to offer the time honored pharmacy tradition of an in-house charge account with many modern features.

Master and Sub-Accounts capabilities allow you to service families, nursing homes, and other long-term care facilities where the convenience of a charge account is desirable. Use of the Sub-Account feature can allow privacy for the patient and makes the Master responsible for the payment of the invoice.

Auto-Charge is a feature that allows you to store up to three credit card tokens with each A/R account. You can run the Auto-Charge process at any time to charge the entire balance of any account to the token on file. This allows you to receive your money immediately instead of waiting for a customer to pay their bill. Monthly statements can still be printed and mailed with all the transaction detail and a zero balance so your customers can reconcile their credit card.

Our EMV card Processing Solution is certified as being Out of Scope meaning that the POS system never sees card holder data which eliminates any chance of your POS system being breached. This also eliminates more than half of the time and effort required for you to complete your annual PCI self-attestation.

With up to ninty-six billing cycles, you can separate or group accounts any way you wish and even close cycles at different times of the month to increase your cash flow.

Auto Credit Hold is available when accounts reach a pre-defined overdue point, leaving you free to run your business instead of reviewing overdue accounts.

Month-end statements can be processed via your laser printer on pre-printed, colored statement stock that can include your company logo, printed directly to plain paper or exported to a .CSV file and sent to a third party processing service.

When coupled with the Command POSt Central Site module, Central A/R allows all of these features to be utilized throughout a chain of stores giving your customers the ability to charge at any store in your chain while maintaining control of the accounts at HQ.

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