Freedom Data Systems is dedicated to providing accessible, cost-effective and efficient automated Pharmacy Management Systems for the independent pharmacy and small to medium sized chain pharmacy. Below are the products we offer for your phamacy.


Freedom POS offers a full Rx interface with PDX,EPS, RX-30, HBS, Key Centrix and QS/1 allowing for prescription scanning and reporting.


This LITE version of our industry-leading PRO/POS System includes the POS functionality needed for smaller pharmacy installations at a fraction of the cost.

PRO/POS Freedom Tablet

The functionalities of our popular Freedom Data Systems PRO/POS system seamlessly rolled into a tablet device that gives you the freedom to perform all your point-of-sale and inventory needs "on-the-go."

Command POSt Central Site System

Command POSt software is designed for Pharmacy Chains to collect, transfer, control, maintain and analyze data in a timely manner. From Central A/R to Sub Chain control level, this product allows multiple store control.

PRO Shop Frequent Shopper Program

Our powerful loyalty program helps you achieve maximum profits from your OTC items while aiding in customer retention.

PRO/POS Accounts Receivable

This module allows you to offer the time honored pharmacy tradition of an in-house charge account with many modern features.